Types of Virtual Assistant With Relevant Skills

If you are hiring professionals for your Amazon business clients to augment the sales on eCommerce platforms after lockdown, then list the most important jobs that a professional presumed to accomplish in B2B establishment. The list of jobs/tasks would provide you an idea about the skills required in a virtual assistant to serve product listing services. There are varieties of tasks that an efficient virtual assistant requires to accomplish in a day.

Hope you are aware of it!

In case, you are missing something; then here (mentioned below) are the most important tasks that a virtual assistant is supposed to fulfill for an Amazon business entity. Once you know about the defined and crucial tasks, you can precisely hire professionals equipped with the related skills.

Customer Support Specialist

If you are engaged in outsourcing services, then you require a virtual assistant specialized in customer service to assist your customers by sending or replying to messages, emails, or reviews. This virtual assistant should be a customer-oriented professional. Following the skills, the on-boarding will only be attended on those apt sections and tools the in seller arena.

Top 3 responsibilities of a customer service specialist

1. Creating message templates

2. Answering questions asked

3. Commenting on positive & negative reviews

Content Developer

Unique, unbiased, and unguided content for B2B blogs, Amazon catalog, ebook, or itinerary may be the seal of an imposing brand. You call for an important person who is skillful in writing a truly innovative copy that matches the language of your client’s brand and can identify with the target market.

Ads Optimizer

This sort of virtual assistant should possess at least a fundamental perceptive of what sponsored ads in the B2B project. Hire someone with extraordinary skills in keyword researching.

Top 3 responsibilities of an Ads optimizer:

1. Setting up a campaign

2. Analyzing campaigns

3. Setting up negative key terms

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

While implementing product upload service during COVID pandemics, Google search engine traffic generates a huge opening for online sellers like you. This sort of virtual assistant must comprehend how to play about the keywords to guarantee the visibility of the client’s web site, product listings, social media posts, and blogs independently on search engines apart from just on Amazon.

Top 3 responsibilities of an SEO Specialist

1. Keyword research and SEO optimization

2. Link building

3. Social Bookmarking

Social Media Manager

This type of virtual assistant is assigned to clients’ business’ online attendance away from Amazon. The client’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages require to be updated in a timely manner. Well! Your business requires being always online to answer customer queries, complaints, suggestions, etc. As it is imperative for you to in-person to present the needs of your customers, you also call for to do other fixations that are more significant than updating and uploading photos of the latest products, confirming/adding friends, FB-status, and the like. All these exercises are well-handled by a virtual assistant dedicated to your clients to save time in doing time-consuming tasks for you.

Online Product Research

This virtual assistant is going to be allocated to discover products to purchase at a wholesale price and place up for sale on Amazon. To make the procedure of researching manufactured goods even simpler, you can make use of a number of software. The virtual assistant will confer with suppliers to guard the best deals which are rewarding for your online business. To begin with, hire that professional who has quality experience in the matching field. It might be online or offline; it shouldn’t matter to you.

Top 3 responsibilities of product source professionals:

1. Product research

2. Negotiating with suppliers

3. Securing samples

Fulfillment Agent

There is always a need available at clients’ end in B2B setup for keeping an eye on the stocks so that inventory does not run out of stocks. During this Covid-19 pandemic, it has become much more important for B2B clients to hire a virtual assistant for product listing and management services.

Top 3 Responsibilities of a fulfillment agent:

1. Sending in FBA inventory

2. Downloading Amazon Barcodes for each unit

3. Downloading a shipping label

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who has the capacity to design a client’s featured images, company logo, and various required site header images, and others. Try your best possibilities to hire the candidate having experience in both; photography and graphic designing. The graphic designer has a significant role in stipulations of branding your online trade.

Top 3 responsibilities of a Graphic Designer:

1. Logo designing

2. Image editing & Banner design

3. Info-graphics creation

Web Designer & Web Developer

This kind of virtual assistant can be allocated to generate a website for the company away from Amazon. This enables the clients to sell products on their own website without depending upon Amazon. Hiring an equipped and proficient designer and developer enables you to design and develop your website. This kind of professionals actually can make your clients highly satisfied. They, through their designing expertise, can make the site look pleasing for visitors.

Top 3 responsibilities of a Web Designer & Developer:

1. Website designing

2. Database management

3. Site optimization

Combining All Together

You hire a virtual assistant to do all these at a go. In real, you hire a team equipped with all classic professionals loaded with industry-proven skills. Your clients in B2B pay as per their prescribed budget, but they get cost-efficient deliveries with no latencies and excuses.