Enable Amazon Product Listings Optimization in Lockdown Versions

Amazon product listing optimization has become quite tricky and challenging to stay in the competition. However, e-commerce deliveries are yet to start their operations in India. Yet, classic product listing mistakes can be seen on Amazon that incorporates titles spammed along with keywords, puzzling images, and average product descriptions.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

7 components of Amazon Listing Optimization

  1. Product title
  2. Product images
  3. Product description
  4. Keywords
  5. Key product features
  6. Product rating
  7. Product reviews

Product listing is the process that leads the purchaser through a course assisting him or her to decide and pick the right product to get their requirements accomplished. Hence, the product listing must be search friendly and preferably, customer-oriented.

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✔ Product Title

Amazon authorizes businesses with a product title length of 250 characters. As per the book, the product listing involves product titling that gives the buyer enough information to decide and select the required product at one go.

✔ Product Images

Amazon enables merchants with nine product images along with a lead image incorporating high-quality images sized 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high using a white background for the main image. Amazon always recommends products accomplishing at least 85% of the image guidelines for display.

✔ Product Description

The product description is the basic and most important break to display your products on Amazon. The portal provides vendors with an option to describe their products in 2,000 characters to potential customers.

✔ Keywords

Using relevant keywords that are ranking is the swiftest way to help your products reach their potential customers at one go. Sellers should only keywords, which can make appropriate places in Amazon product listing services.

✔ Key Product Features

Amazon privileges sellers with 1,000 characters to describe features, highlight the benefits, and specifications of the products selling online.

✔ Product Rating

Follow the Amazon guidelines to rate your products with 4 or 5-star ratings. What does going to part your product from one that appears just similar to it? Those glossy gold stars and first-rate customer reviews. Products are charged on a 5-star rating level, which is broken down by proportion of reviews per star, chased by most obliging current/fresh customer reviews.

✔ Product Reviews

Why customer reviews are imperative? Negative, positive or neutral evaluations supply your company with an opening to study and develop an opinion towards the product. You can see precisely where your trade is failing to meet customer requirements and remove familiar roadblocks in the sell journey.

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