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Virtual Tech Ninja (VTN) is a most dependable and a swiftly growing outsourcing company in India. The outsourcing company is establishing a global presence promptly and uppermost level of customer satisfaction. VTN works on its sole philosophy, assignment and methodology to distribute accurate and quality virtual assistant, back-office outsourcing, and lead generation services to the global clients.

Our services offer cost-cutting dimension solutions to the vendors, domains, clients, and stakeholders. Hiring Virtual Assistants to assist you to save 60% on overall project cost. Our outsourcing company led approach to deliver industry solutions makes us exceptional from others. We have raised ourselves swiftly in the offshore outsourcing industry by constructing long-term client relationships.

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The team of professionals is skilled with deep know-how offering long-term business solutions to the clients. we provide comprehensive range of high quality Outsourcing solutions worldwide to each and every business segment.
Back Office Outsourcing

Why you need Virtual Tech Ninja?

Virtual Tech Ninja has professional team of virtual personal assistants, who can manage back-office support, lead generation and Ecommerce Product Listing Services as per the business virtue of the clients. Deploying the outsourcing solutions has become a need for every business expecting to launch a global expedition. Such aims require cutting encumber of work along with saving cost.

Hiring VAs to assist top business executives to focus more on new ventures rather than occupying their potentials in low-key projects. Our services help clients opt for overall expansion and revenue speedily. VTN offers round-the-clock solutions via the most cost-effective services.

Outsourcing Services

VTN Services

Virtual Assistant Services

Top 3 factors that clients achieve at VTN: augment output, focus on foundation tasks, and trim down the cost.

Back Office Outsourcing

Back office outsourcing services offer security and confidentiality features without compromising on the quality of output.

Lead Generation Services

VTN is the preeminent way to stretch out to true customers at accurate time and right place!

Data Entry Services

We offer accurate, confidential and on-time data entry services in a cost-effective manner.

Advantages of Working with VTN

There are a handful of advantages to put on if you desire to labor with VTN:

Ease of communication in your native language


As you are employing with a name with a native tongue, message and communication barriers will be fewer of a concern. There is always communication confronts when affording remotely.

Virtual Tech Ninja eradicates the issues. Evaluated with abroad assistants though, the message and accepting should be easier. Miscommunication and recurring explanations can surely slow you behind but working with Virtual Tech Ninja routinely takes those away from the equation.

This authorizes clients to get additional things completed and amplifies together yours and your assistant’s output. In a way, that competence put asides you time and currency because there are probable to be fewer errors. This is not to articulate that you struggle to discover an excellent virtual assistants abroad, presently that loads of employers favor working with a name closer to home. It can assist shift things along earlier devoid of sacrificing quality.

Culture Fit


The advantages of operational with VTN go ahead of the language barrier. These persons have an improved consideration of the cultural standards that we typically take for allowance. Being an occupant or citizen of the country that belongs to ‘You’ presents them with an improved baseline understanding of various important sequences. Those topics’ strengths include the common business ambiance of your country, the appropriate way of interrelating with customers, and other knowledge precise to the alone.

One of the main features to believe when functioning with a virtual assistant is the time zone. This builds a lot of disparity if you require your assistant to labor the same as hours as you perform. This is particularly beneficial if invariable communication is involved, or if you have pressing demands. Just ensure to locate the anticipations right from the get-go. It is imperative they recognize what time of the day you typically require them, so they will be able to systematize their schedule.

Business Consulting Services

Customer Support

Customer Support

We provide exert customer support outsourcing services, including a resolution to all issues offering utmost satisfaction to the clients. We are available on call, chat, and email round-the-clock.

Chat Support

Chat & Email Support

We provide email and chat support to B2C and B2B business domains. Our professional team offer a high-level of understanding in meeting clients’ requirements.

Ecommerce Product Listing

eCommerce Product Listing

We provide professional ecommerce listing services with added values. We just not deliver services, rather, our team aspires to find a robust bond with the clients.

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Virtual Tech Ninja is one of the accredited outsourcing companies in India. We have a team of experts having years of experience in the outsourcing domain. Our team offers quality services at the most cost-effective outsourcing services to its B2C and B2B clients.
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